XVIII-oji Ambasadorių konferencija - Respublikos Prezidento kalba (anglų k.)

Elysée Palace – Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Prime Minister,

Mr. President of the Senate,

Mr. President of the National Assembly,

Mr. Minister of Foreign and European Affairs,




There are moments in history when fate wavers between the best and the worst possible outcome. Moments when all that has been achieved could be lost or, conversely, lead to lasting progress. We are at one of these moments now.

This is the case for the international community’s actions in the crescent of crisis that stretches from the borders of Pakistan to the far reaches of the Sahel, encompassing Iran and the Middle East.

It is the case in Europe, where the Treaty of Lisbon and the decisions taken to deal with the financial crisis are opening up prospects still to be developed if we are to make the European Union a global player.

It is also the case for the global economy, which has not yet resumed the path of solid and sustainable growth, while the G20 must prove that it has the determination to pursue the necessary reforms.

At the big table where the decisions are made, new actors have joined the recognized powers. With good reason, they are calling for their rights to be recognized. But they also have to accept that with these rights come duties and responsibilities. They have to recognize that their amazing success means that they must go beyond the defense of their national interests and must make their contribution to solving the world’s problems. This momentum has begun and I welcome it.

At this moment in history when fate hangs in the balance, we need determination and unity, in order to tip the scales in the right direction. If we are divided and hesitant, if the recognized powers and the major emerging countries don’t manage to come to an agreement on the goals to be achieved and the means to achieve them, if we are not able to act jointly to combat the challenges of terrorism and proliferation, economic imbalances and climate change, then we will have failed in our duty.

At this moment in history when fate hangs in the balance, France must assert its vision, its determination. But it must just as equally try to find, for each of the major challenges that we must overcome, the path that combines progress and ambition. I expect each of you to speak on behalf of France, but also to listen to the expectations of the world.

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100825 18th Ambassadors Conference
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