Sirija - Užsienio reikalų ir tarptautinio vystymosi ministro p. Laurent Fabius pareiškimas (Paryžius, 2016 m. vasario 3 d.) [fr]

Dėl susiklosčiusių dramatiškų aplinkybių Sirijoje, kurios derybas daro beprasmėmis, Jungtinių Tautų specialusis pasiuntinys paskelbė pertrauką Sirijos taikos derybose Ženevoje.

We condemn the brutal offensive conducted by the Syrian regime, with Russia’s support, to surround and stifle Aleppo and its hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. I express France’s full support for the decision by the special envoy, in this context, to suspend the negotiations, to which neither Bashar al-Assad’s regime nor its supporters apparently wish to contribute in good faith, thus torpedoing peace efforts.

France expects the regime and its allies to honor their humanitarian obligations and Security Council Resolution 2254, namely by halting indiscriminate bombing, lifting sieges and [allowing] full humanitarian access to the Syrian people.

The forthcoming international meetings, particularly the London conference in which I shall be taking part tomorrow, will provide an opportunity for in-depth consultations with our partners on the next essential steps.

Paskutiniai pakeitimai: 02/10/2018

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